Montemedia C2-T2

Simplified Demo Data

Based on your system configuration, the following data could be retrieved:

Your Fingerprint Hash =

Detect User Agent =
Detect Browser =
Detect True Browser =
Detect Browser Plugins =
Detect OS =
Detect Timezone =
Detect Display =
Detect Languages =
Detect Flash Version =
Detect Silverlight Version =
Detect Java Enabled =
Detect Cookies Enabled =
Detect Touch Enabled =
Detect Connection =
Detect Latency =
Detect Fonts =

The "real" C2T2 tries to gather enough information to uniquely identify a machine. However, the technology must collect massively data of tiny variations (in plugin version etc.) to distinguish between different machines.
Our algorithm sends all data through Hash function in order to get fixed sized identifier (your hash fingerprint) and searches through the database to check if this Hash value already exist to identify if you are a new or returning visitor.

All collected information is anonymous (non-personally identifiable information, Non-PII). The information is treated confidentially, and is never released to a third party. The sole purpose of collecting the data is to show the use of this passive tracking technique.

You may read more about our privacy policy.

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